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Decarbonization CAP


Aranami and Own GArment Products have collaborated to create decarbonized goods.

"Decarbonization" was realized through a collaboration between "Aranami", which is based in Mitane Town, Akita Prefecture and is active all over the world, and "Own GArment Products" in Oga, and raises the issue of SDGs and decarbonization, which are being promoted without thinking these days. It's a cap.

It is the antithesis of the phony ecology of clearing forests and installing windmills and solar power generation while proclaiming decarbonization. This expresses our desire to move away from decarbonization.

Rather than trying to unilaterally start a protest movement, we wanted to create a product that would allow us to talk about issues that have a big impact on our lives in our daily lives.

The idea is to spread positive vibes around you.

Should we really not emit carbon dioxide?
Do we have to encroach on mountains and oceans to produce renewable energy?
How many years will it take for the invaded mountains and oceans to regenerate?
Are there any interests behind it?

We will enlighten people on sensitive topics with pop messages.

The design was done by Aranami, the production was supervised by Own GArment Products, and the embroidery was done by Sasaki Emb Techno, which is based in Mitane-cho, like Aranami.


To ensure long-term use , we mainly use fold -down stitching for sewing. (Excluding some designs and cut-and-sew items. ) By putting in a little extra effort, the seams become strong and the finished product looks beautiful even when viewed from the inside.

◎All of our brand's products are made with the premise that they can be washed at home. You can wash not only shirts and dresses but also blouson and coats if they get dirty. All products undergo a one- wash process after completion to reduce shrinkage when washed by the customer and to give them a nice texture.

◎The materials used for our products are selected from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool that have gone through production and manufacturing processes with as little environmental impact as possible .



cotton 100%




Depth: 15cm

Brim length: 7.5cm

Head circumference: 54cm~62cm

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