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Hemp antique pintuck dress


A long dress inspired by antique dresses seen in the 19th century. Hemp is a natural fiber with a long history that was discovered in shell middens from the early Jomon period.

In Japan, the word "hemp" has often referred to "cannabis" since ancient times, and it has been used for shimenawa and rituals at shrines. Due to the post-war Cannabis Control Law, cannabis cultivation requires a license, and domestic production has declined, so we use fabric woven by craftsmen in Enshu from European hemp thread. It has excellent moisture absorption and water resistance, and has a natural luster. It is also an eco-friendly material as it does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This is a classic pullover dress made with plenty of hemp fabric.


To ensure long-term use , we mainly use fold -down stitching for sewing. (Excluding some designs and cut-and-sew items. ) By putting in a little extra effort, the seams become strong and the finished product looks beautiful even when viewed from the inside.

◎All of our brand's products are made with the premise that they can be washed at home. You can wash not only shirts and dresses but also blouson and coats if they get dirty. All products undergo a one- wash process after completion to reduce shrinkage when washed by the customer and to give them a nice texture.

◎The materials used for our products are selected from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool that have gone through production and manufacturing processes with as little environmental impact as possible .



100% hemp



Size :Free

Neck to hem ( length ) : 118cm

Chest (width): 72cm

Shoulders : 58cm _

Shoulders to cuff : 48cm

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